Website - Contract Agreement

This Agreement is made between TAB Innovations known as the Designer, and {the client as entered below} known as the Client, on the date {the date as entered below}. The contract is in regards to professional freelance web and graphic design services to be provided on/for the following project(s):


The Designer agrees to produce a website at the request of the Client for fees agreed upon in advance and to complete the project by an agreed-upon deadline and submission method. The Designer agrees that he/she will be the sole author of the project unless otherwise specified, which will be original work by the Designer, free of plagiarism. The Designer will operate with the Client in editing and otherwise reviewing the work, prior to completion and launch. The Designer will cooperate with Clients if any complaints, claims or litigations arise regarding the project. Neither party is by virtue of this agreement, authorized as an agent, employee or legal representative of the other.


  • The Client will be emailed their billed invoice.
  • The Client understands that the above billed invoice amount can change if any additional work is requested by the Client.
  • The Client agrees to pay 25% of the project costing more than $50 via online methods or in cash, and the remaining balance in full, upon completion.
  • The Client agrees to pay in full, for works costing $50 or less via online methods or in cash, upon completion of the project.
  • The Client agrees to pay for all software that may be needed for their website.
  • Rush Fees:
    • A rush fee of $20 will be applied to invoices if the project is needed within one business day. Branding Packages can not be completed in one business day and are therefore exempted from rush fees.
    • A rush fee, in regards to web design, will be an additional 30% of the total price will be applied to invoices if the project is needed within five business days.
  • Payment will be made within 7 business days after receiving the invoice.
  • Late Fees:
    • If the service is graphics related, a late fee of $25 shall be applied to invoices unpaid beyond 7 business days after receiving the invoice.
    • In the regards to web design, a late fee of 10% shall be applied to invoices unpaid beyond 7 business days after receiving the invoice.
  • The Project will begin at the execution of this agreement, as well as when the Designer receives a retainer in the amount of 25% of the invoiced price sent to the client.
  • If the Designer does not hear from the client within 7 days after reviewing the Project, the Project will be considered accepted, with no further changes needed.


The Designer acknowledges the confidential information is the Clients sole, exclusive and extremely valuable property. The Designer may have access to the Client’s past, present or future products, vendor lists, marketing strategies, creative works, and other Proprietary information, which gives the Client an opportunity to acquire an advantage over competitors who may not use it. The Designer agrees to preserve and protect the confidentiality of the Clients information whether disclosed to the Designer before this Agreement is signed, or afterwards. Unless requested in writing by the Client, the Designer can use materials designed for the Client and completed projects on the Designer’s social media pages and website ( ) to illustrate the Designer’s ability for portfolio purposes.


At this time, TAB Innovations does not offer printing services.
Design services are not provided with web services. Design services can be purchased at an
additional cost.


Bank: Commonwealth Bank
Name: Technical and Branding Innovations
Type: Savings
Branch: 21117
Account No.: 7170014169
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